Our company carrying years of experience within its corporate projects has been actively contributing to charity project as well using the knowledge and expertise of our team to help people and organizations in need.

Such project arise by the initiative of “Embrace Hope” and “Rotaract”, who asked our company to create a park that can hug all children and especially children with disabilities. All children should have equal rights and deserve to feel the joy of playing at the park, and we did everything possible to achieve this goal!

On their own initiative and our own know-how, we have created, for the first time in Cyprus, a unique game for those children.

Having the opportunity to ease children’s outdoor activities, to be able to play and laugh, to joy and love a ride at the park, our reward is that other organizations to  take this as an example and offer more. Such little thinks can make a person smile!

Hosting this innovative game for the first time at “Spyros Kyprianou” park in Aglantzia Municipality, we met our promise that our children have the same opportunity in joy!

We would  like to thank “Embrace Hope” and “Rotaract”, for this prestigious opportunity they have provided us with a promise that their award and recognition of our work, gave us another incentive to continue offering and developing solutions!

We would like to invite all to support this project and create more parks full of laugh and voices of joy!