light duty crane Ferrari 300 Series

Light Duty Cranes

S. Houtris Ltd does not only make amazing big and medium cranes, but successfully covers the light segment too: cranes in this range can lift from 2 to 10 txm and combine power, agility and effectiveness.

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Medium Duty Cranes

S. Houtris Ltd medium duty cranes in the medium range have a lifting capacity between 10 and 30 txm, and countless and versatile configurations.

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Heavy Duty Cranes

S. Houtris Ltd heavy duty cranes have a lifting capacity between 30 and 300 txm and are ideal for working with heavy loads in a safe and effective way even under extreme situations.

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Special Cranes

S. Houtris Ltd special cranes demonstrate their universal applicability even in the most difficult material transport jobs. They can be use as magnet cranes, power plant cranes, loading cranes, special cranes on large open-pit mining equipment or as robotic cranes.

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Overhead Crane Beams

Overhead Crane Beams or overhead crane, commonly called a bridge crane, is a type of crane found in industrial environments.

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