Our Company History

In 1980, Spyros Houtris begin operation with the manufacture and repair of truck bodies in Agglisides, 15 minutes from Larnaca International Airport.

Two years later, in 1982 he established his own business SPYROS HOUTRIS and in 1993 he continued by renaming the business to SPYROS HOUTRIS & SONS Ltd (Lefkonoitziatis) which is today official company name.

1980 – 1995

The first five years were the recognition period for the company within the manufacturing area and the Cyprus market in general.

The main products were truck bodies such as tippers, water and concrete tanks, recoveries, close containers and various trailer types. A parallel important product is the manufacturing and installation of greenhouses for various agricultural needs.

During the last five years of this period, the company has been involved in the manufacture of close and open containers, both skip and roll on/off types. In addition, new needs lead the company in designing and manufacturing weighing conveyor belt systems for various applications such as: baggage’s and container trolleys, weighing and carrying conveyor belts for airport handling applications.

1995 – 2008

Spyros Houtris & Sons Ltd begun the period by focusing on the quality of its product range. In 1995 Spyros Houtris & Sons Ltd has certified with the Quality Management System CYS EN ISO 9001 in the field of: “DESIGN, PRODUCTION, TRADE AND INSTALLATION OF STEEL STRUCTURE SYSTEMS AND MACHINERIES”.

New products were developed in this period. The company proceeded with the design and production of a new refuse collector vehicle as well as portable compactors that lead the Company to the higher level in the manufacturing field.

Additionally special custom made machines were produced and an example of which has a fully automatic multi-purpose machine for weighting, cleaning/washing, sizing and packing goods such as potatoes, apples and oranges.

In 1998 Spyros Houtris & Sons Ltd manufactured the complete transportation line for the new Paphos airport under full European specifications.

The project consisted of conveyor belts equipped with weighing systems and a series of various types of conveyor belts leading to the final collection point.

With the accessing of Cyprus in European Union in 2004, Spyros Houtris & Sons Ltd was the first company in Cyprus to manufacture products under the Machinery Directive. The company was apple to affix “CE Marking” on its products following successive certification by ELOT the Hellenic Organization for Standardization.

A new design of tipper semi-trailer begun in 2005. Until today Spyros Houtris & Sons Ltd remains the only company in Cyprus who producing these trailers types.

Since 2005, Spyros Houtris & Sons Ltd has been involved in the recycling sector. The result was the designed and manufacture of a wide range of Paper and Plastic balers and Compactors.

The Company’s involvement in the recycling sector was emphasized with the production of a complete sorting plant for one of the first recycling center in Cyprus.

2009 – 2011

Following the upgraded European Directives for the design & manufacturing of Refuse Collector vehicle, S. Houtris Ltd once again took the lead and design a very NEW model of RCV. This latest version marked a new generation since has equipped with the latest technological developed equipment, materials and mechanisms. This New Version is now in our production line as the standard S. Houtris Ltd model.

2011 – Today

Niche products were always Houtris motivation for continues improvement. As a result of a successful tender,  S. Houtris & Sons Ltd completed one more public tender by designing and manufacturing nine ultramodern Fire Fighting vehicles for Cyprus Forest Department. The Fire Fighting vehicles of model SHFF/5V was given the name “Agrino” and have strengthen the Fleet of the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment

S. Houtris & Sons Ltd improved the Fire Fighting vehicles as a complete product using and applying latest technology equipment and accessories. Manufactured to comply with EU Standards, “Agrino” fulfilled all the requirements and needs in the Fire Fighting field. 

Continuing in the Fire Safety area, in 2015 S. Houtris & Sons Ltd awarded with four more special Forest Fire trucks as well as a Fire Aerial Rescue Platform on behalf of Cyprus Fire Brigade.

S. Houtris & Sons Ltd  “ Design, Manufacture, Trade and supply in Cyprus Market Superstructures, Refuse collectors, Fire Fighting Trucks, Compactors and recycle machinery“                                                           

…innovative equipment for transport and waste management!