Fire Fighting

Fire fighting trucks and rapid response vehicles are designed and manufactured to assist in fighting fires by transporting firefighters and fire rescue equipment to the scene of fire or emergency. These vehicles are highly customized depending on customer needs and the duty they will be performing.

Supporting Fire Trucks

Places away from paved roads must be achieved quickly and safely. Just in the first phase, it is important to have a complete equipment for fire-fighting and assistance here.

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Rapid Response Vehicles

Rapid Response vehicles produced by S. Houtris Ltd are designed and manufactured to be easily adjusted on low capacity vehicles, and this makes them ideal for impassable areas. Units consist of water tank, water spray pressure system, long fire-resistance hose and handle/pistol with spray function for more effective results.

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Fire Fighting Trucks

S. Houtris & Sons Ltd Fire Fighting Trucks are custom designed for forestry or Fire Brigade department as well as terrain that is difficult to access. Houtris improved their Fire Fighting Trucks as a complete product using and applying latest technology equipment and accessories. Components like extinguishing tank, pump system as well as equipment compartments with corresponding equipment are built on a single-tire, very all-terrain, all-wheel chassis body.

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