Special Machineries



The extensive range of granulators produces high-quality regrind from a wide assortment of plastic waste resulting from various processes. Rapid solves the problems associated with plastic recycling by matching the right technology with specific applications

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Shredders driven by two / three or four electric or hydraulic motors suitable to be used in different fields.
Solutions with selection screen that allows to obtain a controlled shred-size of the output material on three dimensions.

Different shredding chamber dimensions, blade types and thickness and selection screens allow each machine to be tailored to individual customer requirements

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Tipping Systems

If it is necessary to collect waste and recyclables from various local centres prior to compaction and/or disposal of the refuse, the selection of lift-and-tip units is the only choice.

The waste gathered from different collection centres can be easily transferred at a central location into transport containers or compaction systems by using Houtris bin lifters.

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S. Houtris Ltd holds a comprehensive and differentiated range of multitask vehicles for maintenance and support for use in all environments. Vehicles to fit every need of work for their usefulness in all seasons.

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Sweepers equipped and designed for easy use and maintenance. Urban and modern approach, citizen and environmentally friendly. Low fuel consumption and maintenance equipment with reduced operating costs.

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