Waste Compactor

The area of application of these waste compactors is the compaction of high-volume waste, such as packaging, cardboard, films/foils, etc., from wholesale and retail markets which generate moderate levels of waste.

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Screw Compactor - Compactors - Trash Compactor - Houtris

Screw Compactor

Screw compactors can be used to compact paper, cardboard, foils/films, PET as well as disposable pallets and disposable wooden packaging. Depending upon the type of waste, the compactor can be equipped with an optionally available post-compacting unit.

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Paper and Plastic Compactor - Recycle - Compactors-Houtris

Paper and Plastic Compactor

The Paper and Plastic compactor is specialized in recycling and compressing the loose materials like waste paper, cardboards, cartons, waste books, magazines, plastic film, natural fiber and straw etc. with high production. The Plastics Compactors has unique features for handling plastics.

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Flat Compactor - Static Compactor - Compactors - Houtris

Flat Compactor

The flat compactors, are short compactors with an entirely new design. The particular advantage of short compactors is that they attain the optimum ratio of the total length of the unit to the enormous size of the filling opening.

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