Food Industry & Restaurants

Providing environmental solutions that contain your waste and operating expenses is our specialty.



The extensive range of granulators produces high-quality regrind from a wide assortment of plastic waste resulting from various processes. Rapid solves the problems associated with plastic recycling by matching the right technology with specific applications

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Shredders driven by two / three or four electric or hydraulic motors suitable to be used in different fields.
Solutions with selection screen that allows to obtain a controlled shred-size of the output material on three dimensions.

Different shredding chamber dimensions, blade types and thickness and selection screens allow each machine to be tailored to individual customer requirements

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Tail Lift / Cargolift FreeAccess

FreeAccess stands for freedom. Light vehicle classes place high demands on the tail lift: it should be light, so that additional payload is available, and at the same time flexible, because it is not needed at any time. The FreeAccess product group precisely fulfills these criteria.

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Tail Lift / Cargolift Standard S2

Open, closed, up, down – these options can be used to define the requirements on a tail lift. After all, not every user intends to load five fully packed trolleys at the same time.

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Tail Lift / Cargolift Standard S4

High loads on high platforms, different drivers in multi-shift operation, varying framework conditions at the unloading sites, long service life, diverse carrier vehicle types and, not least: The tail lift as a business card for the customer.

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Tail Lift / Cargolift Falt

The manually unfolding BC 1000 F2 is a favorite solution for trolley transport with frequent loading and unloading at ramps. When at the ramp, this tail lift disappears out of sight under the vehicle. When needed, however, it is quickly available for use.

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Tail Lift / Cargolift Retfalt

High degree of pre-assembly with flexible and low-maintenance use – Bär tail lift RetFalt. These retractable tail lifts can be quickly mounted on trucks by means of a bolted suspension or on semitrailers by means of a bracketed suspension.

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Tail Lift / Cargolift Ret/HydFalt

All retractable Ret/HydFalt tail lift– no matter if folded manually (R42) or hydraulically (H42) – can be mounted on BDF swap bodies. With the lifting arm stops and bridge plate (both optional), you can choose between various swap bodies.

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Toxic Stores

Toxic Stores – Tanks are usually designed to permanently contain the waste and prevent the release of harmful pollutants to the environment.

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Sizes separation and packing machine

Sizes separation and packing machine with fully automated system for size separation and packing can be manufacture for different products and applications.

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