Property Management

Tenants can be demanding. Let us customize a waste solution for your property that satisfies everyone’s needs.


S. Houtris Ltd holds a comprehensive and differentiated range of multitask vehicles for maintenance and support for use in all environments. Vehicles to fit every need of work for their usefulness in all seasons.

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Sweepers equipped and designed for easy use and maintenance. Urban and modern approach, citizen and environmentally friendly. Low fuel consumption and maintenance equipment with reduced operating costs.

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EPS Machine

The EPS machine is designed for granulating EPS material and reduce volume in ration 1:3. This machine is suitable for all kinds of industrial companies and retail stores who have bulky EPS waste material. The capacity can be adjusted to meet individual needs due to the different screen sizes.

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Sizes separation and packing machine

Sizes separation and packing machine with fully automated system for size separation and packing can be manufacture for different products and applications.

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Olive Treatment Machine

Olive treatment machine is used to squeeze olives via special rotary heads, so can be treated for different flavors like the traditional method ” tsakistes”.

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Tanker Trailers - Tanker - Trailers - Houtris

Tanker Trailers

Houtris design and manufacture tanker towed trailers for non-common applications. Tanker trailers are suited for the varied use such as water, milk, fuel etc.

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Small Trailers - Trailers - Towing - Houtris

Small Trailers

Small trailers are made to serve all customers needs. The design made the towing available by all types of cars. However each trailer is manufacturing according to the customer needs and vehicle towing capacity.

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Closed Unit Trailers - Mobile Homes - Trailers - Houtris

Closed Unit Trailers

A closed unit trailer is a prefabricated structure with insulated panels, built in a factory on a permanently attached chassis or on a trailer. It can be use as permanent homes, temporary accommodation or for special application like training and / or education.

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Closed Truck Bodies - Refrigerators - Truck Bodies - Houtris

Closed Truck Bodies

Box van body kit is now a lightweight structure with sliding tarpauling, sandwich panels, Fibreglass Reinforced Plywood panel giving a maximum pay-load on lightweight commercial vehicles and trailers. Fixed or sliding roof to make easier the loading and unloading of the goods Aluminium drop sides included, should the goods require securing in the dry box.

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Skip Container

Skips are commonly used to hold open-topped loads of construction and demolition waste or other waste and litter types. The debris may originate from a building, renovation, or demolition site; building supplies can be delivered to a site in a skip that is later used to remove waste.

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