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Vertical Baler

Vertical Balers give you cost-effective, reliable compression and reduce the volume of bulky waste materials by as much as 90%. Being one of Europe’s leading suppliers, we offer you equipment for compacting waste materials and give you advice on the best solution, whether your business is in retail or industry.

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Horizontal Baler

The horizontal baler is suitable for larger retail shops, warehouses, industrial and logistical companies, who need a semi-automatic and compact solution with high capacity. The design of the horizontal baler makes it superior where space is limited. The compact design of the horizontal baler means that the baler only requires minimum floor space. It can be loaded continuously and the bales are tied manually.

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Multi Chamber

The multi chamber baler has been designed to serve customers with smaller quantities of waste. With two chambers you have the possibility of sorting your waste before compressing, eg. using one chamber for cardboard and the other for plastic. Both chambers are operated by a common press section, which is easily moved from one side to the other.

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EPS Machine

The EPS machine is designed for granulating EPS material and reduce volume in ration 1:3. This machine is suitable for all kinds of industrial companies and retail stores who have bulky EPS waste material. The capacity can be adjusted to meet individual needs due to the different screen sizes.

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