Trailers, Platforms & Equipments

Trailers product range includes various solutions and special designs or applications. Trailers can be either small platforms, water tanks, mobile homes, semi / full or low loader platforms for commercial and professional usage.

Tanker Trailers - Tanker - Trailers - Houtris

Tanker Trailers

Houtris design and manufacture tanker towed trailers for non-common applications. Tanker trailers are suited for the varied use such as water, milk, fuel etc.

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Small Trailers - Trailers - Towing - Houtris

Small Trailers

Small trailers are made to serve all customers needs. The design made the towing available by all types of cars. However each trailer is manufacturing according to the customer needs and vehicle towing capacity.

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Semi and Full Trailers - Semi Trailers - Full Trailers -Houtris

Commercial Trailers

A full range of trailers can be supplied according to each application. Various types of Rigid or detachable gooseneck, supplied such as low-beds, container, semi or full trailers, extendible executions and axle units up to 4 axles, there are a lot of combination possibilities. Our expertise is at your disposal to give you any necessary advice concerning your special transport inquiry.

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Closed Unit Trailers - Mobile Homes - Trailers - Houtris

Closed Unit Trailers

A closed unit trailer is a prefabricated structure with insulated panels, built in a factory on a permanently attached chassis or on a trailer. It can be use as permanent homes, temporary accommodation or for special application like training and / or education.

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